Quick and easy butterbeer

This is for Ron's birthday.  It's nice to make the full on butterbeer  (http://kneadtoknowmo.blogspot.com/2013/07/butterbeer.html). However I don't always have the patience or time for it. So here is my quick and easy butterbeer.  

1 bottle cream soda
1 TBS of butterscotch toppings

makes one glass of butterbeer

Add butterscotch to a large glass. Pour in the soda and gently stir, don't stir too vigorously since it cause the soda to foam. You might want to add some whipped topping, I've used cool whip and home whipped heavy cream. I like the cream better but cool whip is easier.  Then drizzle on more butterscotch for effect. 

Enjoy in your very own house cup! 

Happy birthday Ron. Hope you're drinking some now with Hermonie!

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